COL Reisinger ’94 Overseeing the Rehabilitation of 3 Hospital Sites

COL Aaron Reisinger ’94 Leading the way in the Midwest U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Colonel Aaron Reisinger is on the Front Line leading the way in the Midwest – Chicago and Milwaukee regions. COL Reisinger is overseeing the rehabilitation of three hospital sites.

“We are in a race against time right now to see what we can get done in next three to four weeks as a relief valve for existing hospitals,”  COL Reisinger said. The Elgin site will be an “alternate care facility,” just like McCormick Place will be in Chicago, meaning they would receive patients transferred from existing hospitals.

“We don't want people to believe this is a hospital that people can show up to as an emergency room,” Once the construction work is done, the state will supply equipment, staffing and administration of the hospital sites, COL Reisinger said. Read more.

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