Class of 2023 Cadets Hold Down PostFor nearly 48 hours during Plebe Parent Weekend just before spring break, the U.S. Military Academy was in the hands of the faithful plebes, the Class of 2023. As the yearlings, cows and firsties headed out of town, a temporary regimental staff made up entirely of plebes took over.

In the annual hand over of responsibility, First Captain Daine Van de Wall handed command to Cadet Hannah Lamb on Friday afternoon at the end of the modified class day. Along with showing their parents and families around the academy, members of the class oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Corps of Cadets that are typically handled by the regimental staff.

This includes accountability at taps and making sure the events throughout the weekend go off without a hitch. “A lot of it is planning and coordination, being a liaison between the class leadership and the brigade leadership, and just making sure information is getting pushed down the chain of command in order to put on a good event for the parents,” said Class of 2023 Cadet Hannah Lamb, who served as regimental commander, or first plebe, for the weekend. “We’ve had a lot of meetings. I’ve sent probably 300 emails on it already to various people who were asking me questions.”

The leadership for the weekend was chosen following an extensive interview process with nominated cadets. First, each company within the cadet regiment put forward cadets for the leadership positions. They then interviewed at the regimental level before the finalists interviewed with the Brigade Tactical Officer, COL Kyle Marsh.

“It’s definitely a good eye-opening experience to see the inner workings behind the stage of West Point and seeing it at the higher levels and what people at the brigade level have to do every day,” said Class of 2023 Cadet Ben Lockey, who served as regimental command sergeant major. “I have a lot more respect for them now just because there’s a lot of emails and things that they’re responsible for. Doing it and seeing it for a bit on the other side is a different story.”

“It’ll be a great opportunity for them to showcase West Point to their family and friends. I remember how excited I was to get the opportunity to lead as a battalion command sergeant major, and this will be an experience they don’t forget,” Van de Wall said. Plebe-Parent Weekend includes tours of the superintendent’s house Quarters 100 and the uniform factory, as well as academic open houses. Story.

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