The Company D-1 Class of ’82 has always been a close group. Perhaps it was because of the brutal plebe year they endured. Perhaps it was because they were in the same company for all four years and never scrambled. Or, perhaps it was because they held on to their beloved “Duck” mascot before other company mascots became gender neutral and politically correct. For whatever reason, the Ducks flocked closely. But for some reason the Covid-19 lockdown that the country is experiencing has caused them to become even closer.

The COO of the WPAOG, and former class President Pat Ortland, had the brainchild to get the Ducks together on a Zoom meeting. He enlisted fellow Duck Bob Turko, and the first “D-1 Duck Soiree” was held on April 10th. Fourteen Ducks answered the duck call, and swapped stories about what has transpired since they flew away from the nest, and how their Ducklings are faring. It was deemed so successful that plans were made for “D-1 Duck Soiree #2” which was held on April 16th. In that gathering, 20 Ducks logged on, including one who left West Point after yearling year.

Plans are already in the works to hold “D-1 Duck Soiree #3”, with the goal of getting all the Ducks on-line at the same time. A total of seven Ducks have not answered the call, and each has been assigned to classmate to contact him and bring him into the fold. It is hoped that even after the lockdown has been lifted, the Soirees will continue for the group that is known for being “Bad to the Bone”.

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