The U.S. Military Academy has 13 academic departments cadets can choose majors within, but regardless of which academic program they choose they are required to take an engineering sequence prior to graduation.

Non-engineering majors who choose the systems engineering sequence take three classes during their time at the academy. The first class teaches them the systems design process and the second introduces them to math modeling and data analysis. In the third course, cadets use the skills they learned in the first two, apply them to a real-world problem and complete a mini-capstone project.

This year, three cadet groups from the systems engineering sequence worked on projects sponsored by Lockheed Martin and at the conclusion of their research competed in the 8th annual Sustainment Innovation Competition. During the annual competition, cadets and midshipmen from West Point and the U.S. Naval and Air Force Academies present Lockheed Martin-sponsored projects to a panel of judges.

The competition is typically held at the Lockheed Martin facility in Virginia each April, but due to COVID-19 it was held virtually this year on April 14. Read more.

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