West Point, to Thee by CDT Paul AdamsBy Paul Adams, Men's Rugby

I will never forget this moment.

There is a video about Army men’s rugby that was made a few years ago. It talks about the team, the brotherhood, the legacy, our traditions, and our rivalry with Navy. I have seen this video probably 100 times throughout the last five years and as the years have gone on, this video and some of the words said have taken on a whole new depth of meaning for me. Before it was just a cool video. Now when I watch, it allows me to relive some of those moments that I have experienced.

The part of the video that has always stuck out the most is, “it’s just one of those things, you get a feeling in your gut, you get this intense focus, it's always going to be a battle.” Every time I watched that video those lines always stuck out to me, and then finally come my junior year, I understood why.

My junior year we were playing Notre Dame College in what was a massively important game for us. They were a good team that had been building momentum all season. Moreover, the year prior they had beaten us in one of the biggest upsets of the year in a game that came down to the wire. Our confidence had been building throughout the fall, and this was the first big test to see if our confidence matched our competence. During the first half it was neck and neck, but I could feel that they were starting to break. Full story.

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