West Point, to Thee

May 29, 2020

West Point, to TheeBy Ryan Fairbrother, Men's Lacrosse

“Thank you for letting a kid live out his dream.”

It began in 2008, when I was in the fifth grade. I attended an Army vs. Navy lacrosse game in Michie Stadium with my father and close family friend Rick Bifulco, who was the team captain in 1976. The first thing I remember from the trip was the cadets passing time between classes. It seemed so synchronized, so harmonious. Seeing each student wearing the same uniform and walking at a similarly brisk pace was almost mesmerizing.

The location on the Hudson River was beautiful, and the stone buildings made me feel like I was standing in history. It was overwhelming. All that said, my lasting impression of West Point that weekend was the physical play and intensity of the Army lacrosse team. The men were warriors the way they played with such recklessness and such passion. I knew it was something special.

“I tried my best to emulate them because they were exactly who I wanted to be.”

In the succeeding seasons, I was fortunate to spend many of my Saturdays as a water boy for the team. This was the perfect excuse to spend time with the guys on the field and in the locker room. No matter the outcome, there was an indescribable way in which they held themselves and treated each other. I tried my best to emulate them because they were exactly who I wanted to be. Read more.

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