Thank You FirstiesBy Cheryl Milligan, Head Softball Coach

Dear Em and Macey,

It’s a little ironic that we found out your careers were likely over while at an escape room. While “Figure it out”, “Work together” and “Find a way out” worked well inside that room they were of no use to get you back this lost time. There was no escape from this situation that would end with you back on a college softball field.

You each took the news in your own way. Macey, you were the stoic realist that you are every time you take the mound. Em, you were as emotional and passionate as we know you to be. The perfect combination of senior leadership.

I can’t imagine a worse segment of any season to lose than the close of your senior year. A time that should have been spent with celebration, maybe a record broke, surely a loving send-off from teammates and a bittersweet final day, was instead a time of unprecedented uncertainty and redirection.

And still you persevered. Because you are more than a softball player, more than any single of your activities, accolades, or passions. You are a West Point cadet, and this was your first test as you leave West Point. Because of your leadership and your dedication to service, when others thought only of the sadness of a season lost, you think of all others have lost in this pandemic. Because of your training and hard work, where others see their world crashing in, you look forward to a future of helping that world. Because softball has helped shape you into the leaders that you are, you leave a sad time better and a team behind you prepared to move on. Read more.

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