CDT Manzonelli ’21 Presents at the MORS Symposium

Jun 25, 2020

CDT Manzonelli ’21 Presents at the MORS SymposiumCDT Nico Manzonelli ’21 had the unique opportunity to present his project titled “Using a Dictionary-Based Approach to Identify Offensive Tweets” at the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Symposium. CDT Manzonelli presented an application called DURT – or, the Derogatory Use of Regular Text, a dictionary-based approach to identifying potentially offensive Twitter Tweets. He used R to create a Shiny application which allows users to search any public Twitter user’s feed for offensive content. DURT’s performance is comparable to many complex machine learning algorithms, but it provides a more simple, explainable, and customizable backbone.

Reflection on his experience at MORS, CDT Manzonelli said, “Even though MORS was virtual it was still an awesome learning experience. As a cadet, understanding that the other presenters are way smarter than me and being open to feedback throughout the entire process helped me out.” Congratulations to Nico on a fantastic project, and for making a splash in the MORS community!

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