CPT Boeckmann ’12 Training SoldiersAs restrictions for Covid-19 ease up in some parts of the U.S., West Point Grad Captain Dymon Boeckmann ’12 is taking time to make sure soldiers under her command have steady training and employment.

Boeckmann is Commander of the 355th Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Company near Las Vegas, Nevada. This is where she started implementing a plan that would keep soldiers trained, facilities supplied, and soldiers paid.

“A large majority of my soldiers are college students, and some of them work in the hospitality industry, which has been impacted tremendously by COVID 19” said Boeckmann. Starting in April, Boeckmann took responsibility for virtual training for the soldiers under her command and ensured that they all received virtual training in safety, security, and discipline.

Boeckmann also used the opportunity and time to take on and complete needed tasks around post to help the company continue with mandatory duties such as inventories, vehicle maintenance, and supply operations during Covid-19.

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