Cadets Learn To Be Resilient During Two-Week Course

Cadets Learn To Be Resilient During Two-Week CourseWhen describing the Master Resiliency Training course that he and 41 of his fellow cadets took over a recent two-week period, Class of 2021 Cadet Nathanial Beck harkened back to one of the most famous moments in the U.S. Military Academy’s history — General Douglas MacArthur’s Thayer Award acceptance speech in 1962.

It was that speech, which MacArthur famously articulated the academy’s motto of “Duty, Honor, Country,” but it was another line Beck was inspired by when thinking about all he learned during the MRT course.

“MacArthur said in his speech to the Corps of Cadets when he accepted the Thayer Award, ‘Learn to master yourself before you attempt to master others,’” Beck said. “In this course, that’s definitely what they’re teaching us.”

The two-week MRT course was taught by instructors from the Fort Drum R2 Performance Center. Over the course of six days, the participants were taught 14 skills to help them be more resilient leaders.

The cadets then spent the last few days teaching the material back to their classmates and the instructors while receiving feedback. The goal was to not only teach them to use the skills in their own lives but also to equip them to teach the skills to their fellow cadets or future Soldiers they will lead as officers.

The course is based around six competencies — self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, mental agility, strength of character and connection — and each of the 14 skills is targeted at addressing those competencies in the trainees’ lives. Full story.

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