“West Point” Summer 2020 is OutThe digital edition of the Summer 2020 issue of West Point Magazine is out!

In this issue, read “The Story Behind ‘All for the Corps’: Directorate of Cadet Activities.” Learn how the hundreds of dedicated staff and volunteers at the DCA work to provide comprehensive and diverse extracurricular, social, cultural, and recreational programs that enhance the leader development of the Corps of Cadets.

These programs include 138 cadet clubs and dozens of class and brigade-wide social events. The DCA offers a variety of programs for the social development of cadets, as well as operates Eisenhower Hall, the second-largest performing arts center on the East Coast. Plus, the DCA is also involved in operating a dozen restaurants, cafes, concessions, catering and stores at the Academy. Approximately 40% of DCA's annual Extracurricular Club program budget comes from Margin of Excellence funding provided by graduates and friends of West Point.

Read more about how the DCA programs have become and continue to be an integral and enriching part of the cadets’ 47-month experience at West Point: https://bit.ly/dcastory

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