Jeff Monken Press Conference QuotesArmy West Point football head coach Jeff Monken met virtually with members of the local media on Tuesday afternoon for his weekly press conference inside Nowak Auditorium.

Army West Point Football Head Coach Jeff Monken

(Ref.: Opening statement)
“Good afternoon everybody. It is so nice to be in here after a win again. The weeks are always more enjoyable coming off of a victory and I am really proud of our team and our staff. And for overcoming some adversity on Saturday. We faced some on Saturday that we probably didn't face in the opening football game. That second quarter just didn't go very well for us. We had some three-and-outs, some turnovers and some foolish penalties. Some things didn't go our way but I was really encouraged to see our guys come out in the second half and play well enough to win the football game and play well in every phase.”

“I'm proud of our team for the victory. It's hard to win a game and they've got an athletic, well-coached football team and we benefitted from just having had the opportunity to practice and get prepared through preseason camp and get ready for them. We had a win under our belt and I think the guys just felt a bit of confidence after having had a win in the opening game so I am glad to get a win and now it's time to prepare for Cincinnati a week from this Saturday.”

(Ref.: On if the first two games exceeded expectations)
“There's been plenty of things that our team has done well that I have been proud of and we've easily recognized getting a lot of takeaways on defense. That's been really good. I think we've got six on the season now. Certainly in the first game, scoring on every drive of that game. In both games control the clock and being able to run the fullback and a power running game, just to chunk away at the defense and keep that clock running and play our brand of football. There's been things in every phase. I think we've for the most part, Saturday was an exception, there was a couple of times where they had some kick returns that we were a little disappointed, but we had guys in position and we missed some tackles on those plays but we have covered kicks well. We had guys in position. Obviously, the fake kind of turned the game for us. It was a 10-point game and we were able to execute that fake to put ourselves in scoring position to stretch the lead. So there's things that they've done really well but there's lots of things that we need to do better and we're going to have to do all of those things where we're feeling like we're falling a little short, a whole lot better against Cincinnati. This is an outstanding football team, a top 25 team, well coached, veteran guys. They're big. I looked at their defense today and looked at their depth chart that they sent us and holy smokes do they have a great looking football team physically. Very fast, they have skill guys, whether it be offense or the kick returner, just really impressed with their team, Coach Fickell is a great coach.” Read more.

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