Jack Voltaic to be Virtual This YearThe Army Cyber Institute announced its first-ever virtual Jack Voltaic experiment, a regionally focused exercise that focuses on cities’ abilities to respond to a cyberattack. This is ACI’s third iteration of the Jack Voltaic series and it will take place virtually September 22 and 24, for the cities of Charleston and Savannah, respectively.

“By conducting Jack Voltaic 3.0 virtually, the ACI and our partners have an excellent opportunity to capitalize on our digital connectivity, strengthen our ties ahead of a potential multi-sector cyber event that impacts critical infrastructure and still meet all of our original objectives,” said LTC Doug Fletcher, the Army Cyber Institute’s lead for Jack Voltaic.

In 2016, ACI executed its first major city, multi-sector, public-private cyber exercise called Jack Voltaic. JV1.0 was the first step in building a framework to prepare for, prevent and respond to multi-sector cyberattacks on major cities. Since then, the ACI conducted JV2.0 in Houston, and multiple JV2.5 mini-series across the country.

Jack Votlaic 3.0 seeks to gain key insights and better understanding of cities’ gaps in incident management for a cyber or cyber-enabled disruption or destructive events and provide an analysis for the way forward.

In particular, JV3.0 examines how cyberattacks on commercial critical infrastructure, directly supporting military deployment and global logistics operations, impact military force projection; Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, are key locations that support military force projection. Read more.

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