C3T at the 17th Annual CSAW Capture the FlagEarlier this month the Cadet Competitive Cyber Team (C3T) participated in the 17th Annual CyberSecurity Awareness Week (CSAW) Capture-The-Flag (CTF). CSAW CTF is the premier annual undergraduate cybersecurity CTF. This year, more than 1200 teams competed, and USMA C3T --- also known as BitsForEveryone --- placed 44th overall. Their 2,455 points were good for 14th place among US and Canadian undergraduate teams, leading to their first qualification for the Finals since 2016! For those who might be interested, USNA scored 1,005 points; USAFA had 255 points.

The Finals --- a 36-hour marathon hacking event --- will occur November 6-8, 2020. Finals teams are limited to four players, so USMA will be represented by Cadets Alex Heldstab and John Eberling '21, Johnathan Riemerspeters '22, and Kyle Spinelli '23.

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