Offel ’96 Keeping USMA ’96 TogetherFor the last two years or so, Kevin Offel has been communicating “Classmate Updates” to USMA 1996.

In his own words: “I felt our Classmates needed to know who had made it to that pinnacle of their military careers. So, it started out with me distributing Change of Command info to encourage Classmates to attend these events in support of our brothers & sisters. Then it evolved into what I coined “Classmate Updates,” mostly focused on those still in uniform. Now it has transitioned into including our civilian classmates who have done some amazing things after their Army service. I’ve also been working on incorporating updates on our Classmates who branch transferred and served in the Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, etc. It really has been an enjoyable experience to hear everybody’s stories!”

“These Classmate Updates have really brought our Class together. It keeps people informed and serves as a mechanism for re-connecting with each other, which is the most rewarding part for me. I get tons of emails/texts from Classmates telling me how much they enjoy hearing these stories about fellow classmates, company-mates, etc. Most importantly, people are re-connecting for a number of reasons: business connections, networking, or just to catch-up and enjoy shared memories! I also benefit from getting candid feedback from Classmates about our Alma Mater, some of whom I would not normally communicate with on a frequent basis. As a result, I feel closer to them as the current Class President and can more effectively represent the group to AOG and Academy leadership.”

Kevin’s favorite update was “The Goat”. Login to read it in ’96 Class Notes.

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