Cadets Catch & Release 127 Fish for Identification

Cadets Catch & Release 127 Fish for IdentificationLast week, CDT Matthew Donze, CDT Maggie O’Neill, CDT William Naumann, and CDT Paris Williams and G&EnE leadership (COL Mindy Kimball, CPT Melissa Moorehouse, Ms. Kimberly Quell, and Dr. Patrick Baker) seined the shallow cove on the western shore near Hudson River Light 39. The cove was seined 4 times with a 30’ bag seine as the tide was going out. One hundred and seventy-one fish representing four species were captured and held briefly for identification. In order of abundance, the seine hauls yielded Atlantic Silversides (n = 87), White Perch (n = 62), Striped Bass (n = 21), and a Bluefish. In addition, they caught several Blue Claw Crabs that appeared to have recently shed and a small Green Crab. Salinity was relatively high for this location (4-5 ppt) and water temperature was ~19C.

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