CPT Stith ’06 Releases “Self-Reflect to Self-Correct”

CPT Stith ’06 Releases “Self-Reflect to Self-Correct”Captain Ray Stith III ’06 has released his first book Self-Reflect to Self-Correct. Although society may make you feel differently, it’s the world today that is crazy, not you. As we consume so much information from the various inputs around us, we often lose sight of the most important thing for success…ourselves. That’s where this book comes into play. Self-Reflect to Self-Correct compiles actual circumstances and true feelings, to show you are not alone. This book will guide you through situations you can relate to, to teach a lesson on attitude, decision making, execution, and perseverance. Reading this book and truly taking a look in the mirror will help you confront many things. It will show you that your life is not only similar to those around you, but also similar to those that you admire. You have the same tools as everyone else. And in the end, that is the most important part. Read this book, take a self-assessment, and commit to doing what it takes to change your course. Ultimately, that will change your life! Available on Amazon.

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