Go for Green Plan Changes the Way Cadets Will Eat“You are what you eat,” Chief Warrant Officer 4 Edgar Walle, the installation food advisor said as he explained all the changes the Cadet Mess Hall is making to facilitate healthier food options for cadets at the U.S. Military Academy. Typically, hamburgers, fries, pre-made breakfast sandwiches and other fast-food options were available to cadets. However, on Monday, the Go For Green taste test event took place where, during lunch time, cadets were introduced to a new menu with all the fast-food options removed.

Walle and Superintendent LTG Darryl A. Williams got together to discuss the Go for Green plan that would be implemented to accommodate healthier and more varied palates for cadets. Walle along with his team conducted a catalogue scrub: a process in which the dining facility manager sifts through inventory and decides what to keep or discard from the usual food deliveries.

“We had our guys conduct inventory on the food supplies and saw the foods we had on hand and realized this process of serving cadets pre-made meals was not going to work,” Walle said. “We called our vendor (US Foods) and told them that we didn’t want to see pre-made goods ever again.”

Walle added the new food options consist of items that might look fried but are air-fried which has significantly less fat and cuts calories by 70% to 80%. Brown rice and a variety of vegetables and other healthy starch options will be served including sweet potato fries.

“If we’re not putting in the proper nutrients and the right number of calories in our bodies then our performance is going to suffer, our minds are going to suffer,” Walle said. Read more.

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