Coaxum ’00 “The Leadership Playbook”Tony Coaxum ’00 has released The Leadership Playbook: Leadership guide from a former Army officer and Super Bowl Champion Coach. Leadership is a commodity that is always rising in value. INVEST HEAVILY IN IT! As an Army football player, West Point graduate, Army officer, and Super Bowl champion, Tony Coaxum has been surrounded by great leadership and culture his entire adult life. He has a passion for leading and team building with tried and true practices that can be used in all organizations from coaching youth to small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. This book ties all of his experiences together in a concise and very practical manner that benefits individuals in leadership roles for the first time and those who are leadership veterans. Great leadership and culture is the driving force behind every successful organization. This playbook is a MUST HAVE for all that strive to improve their organization's leadership and culture! Available on Amazon.

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