Jeff Monken Press Conference Quotes: MercerArmy West Point Football head coach Jeff Monken met virtually with members of the local media on Tuesday afternoon for his weekly press conference inside Nowak Auditorium.

The Black Knights will look to win their fourth straight game this Saturday at Michie Stadium when they play Mercer for the first time since 1933. Kickoff is set for noon ET. The game will be aired on CBS Sports Network.

(Ref.: Opening Statement)
“I am really proud of our team and the effort they put in Saturday. It was a great team effort. I thought we played well enough in each phase to help us win the game. There were certain things that we have to correct and get better at. Overall, how well we played on defense -- to shut down what I thought was a really good offense and outstanding quarterback. They had great skill players. We didn't give up big plays and came up with the stops when we needed to. With the exception of the return they got on us, I thought our kick coverage was really good and we protected our kickers. We had a blocked PAT, that was the third time from Ryan Duran III, it was a really great play on his part. And the story of our two quarterbacks. Those two young guys who really had no experience in college football and the rest of the guys took care of them by doing their job. Doing a good job blocking and creating seams for them to run and the running backs. Coach (Brent) Davis had a great plan and it was very simple and the right game plan for the group of guys we had playing. I couldn't be more proud of that effort and we beat a really good football team.”

(Ref.: On whether Cade Ballard and Tyhier Tyler's performance ranks among the best Army has had)
“I don't know if I thought about it in that regard, but it was certainly a great performance. What was so impressive was that neither one was rattled at all. From the first snap, neither one of them were rattled. They've both been in big games. They've both won a lot of games as quarterbacks in high school and I think Coach Davis gave them plays that they could handle and that everyone was really confident in and it was that kind of game plan. We just lined up and had to block people and move people and not a lot of ball exchanges. There weren't a lot of pitch plays and those kinds of things. There were some, and those guys handled it and did a really good job with it. But I thought they performed about as well as we could've expected in their first action. That's for sure.” Read more.

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