11 Grads Launch “diversitypop” Learning Technology

11 Grads, Albert Alba ’89, Roy E. Alston ’89, Drew Bartkiewicz ’89, Steven B. Choi ’89, Everton Cranston ’89, Colonel Gregory D. Gadson ’89, Adolphus Gwynn ’89, Carlos Perez ’89, Patrice Sutherland ’90, John Tien ’87, and Jim Ziegler ’89, from exceptionally diverse backgrounds came together to launch a new, effective, unbiased learning technology and mobile app, diversitypop. Built to deliver diversity training to people on the go.

The diversitypop mobile app and underlying technology apply algorithms and personalization, leveraging information sciences, “clean” artificial intelligence, and cognitive learning methods that are increasingly the epicenter of modern learning. The diversitypop goal is to train the brain for diversity and inclusion without the friction and slowness of traditional methods.

The technology will be available to all high schools for free and a 30-day free trial for businesses. The diversitypop program lets members discover topics, surveys, and tests to grow their inclusive skills and uncover potential areas of their own implicit biases. Without the need for any personally identifiable information, and in contrast with the personal data needs of social media and enterprise software, diversitypop builds and helps sustain personal diversity and inclusion skills. Read more.

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