Cross Country Competes in Veterans Day Race on The Plain

Cross Country Competes in Veterans Day Race on The PlainThe Army West Point Men's and Women's Cross Country teams competed in a joint Veterans Day meet on the historic grounds of The Plain at West Point on Wednesday.

The event was held after the cancelation of America's Race, which was scheduled to be held on The Plain between Army, Navy and Air Force.

With a contingent of the Corps of Cadets in attendance, the teams ran a course that spanned two laps around the perimeter of the parade grounds, followed by an s-shaped inner circle and concluding with two final laps around the perimeter.

Firstie Daniel Horoho was the first to cross the finish line for the men's team and plebe standouts Georgia Jones and Helen Shearer finished first and second for the women's team. The pair have placed as the team's top-two finishers in each of Army's meets this season.

The event concludes a shortened season that saw the Black Knights compete in three meets, headlined by a split result in the Army-Navy Star Meet in October where the women's team claimed its second consecutive star victory.

Men's Top Finishers:
1. Daniel Horoho - 15:23.4 | 2. Matthew Porter - 15:30.3 | 3. Caden Foster - 15:34.0 | 4. Luke Lusskin - 15:55.1 | 5. Mitchell Burr - 16:00.1.

Women's Top Finishers:
1. Georgia Jones - 17:30.4 | 2. Helen Shearer - 17:32.3 | 3. Mika Andrews - 18:13.6 | 4. Sophia Sandy - 18:33.2 | 5. Sarah Grodin - 18:48.8.

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