GEN Raymond Tours the House of PANERecently, General John Raymond, the very first Chief of Space Operations of the U.S. Space Force, took a tour of the House of PANE (Physics and Nuclear Engineering). CDTs Muffett, Catina, Michels, Parsons, and Fitzsimmons presented their capstone project on development of an initial entry mapping and radiation localization system. Cadets Jerod Warren, Adrian Garlant, Collin Combs showed General Raymond the water moderated sub-critical assembly and explained their capstone project to install a graphite moderated sub-critical assembly in the same room. CDTs Kemp, Bush, and Debzak briefed the General on the USMA Space Military Individual Advanced Development (MIAD) program. The MIAD is the Army Basic Space Cadre Course which awards qualified cadets the 3Y, space cadre, identifier as well as the basic space badge. General Raymond had the opportunity observe Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter through Department’s observatory. CDT Chelsea Grogan and CDT Jacob Willis explained some of the features of the observatory’s main telescope. Additionally, COL Gerving presented General Raymond with the target he destroyed using the High Energy Laser in the Photonics Research Center.

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