During this year’s 36th Annual Army Ten-Miler, Virtual Edition, the Marathon Team formed two teams (Black and Gold) to compete in the event and finished 1st and 2nd overall in the ROTC/Service Academy Division that included 61 total team entries. The fastest male runner, CDT Dashiell Rogers, finished 29th out of 8,955 males. The fastest female runner, CDT Emily DiNallo, finished 11th out of 6,239 females. All USMA Cadets finished in the top 100 of their gender categories. These teams would normally be recognized by the CSA and SMA following the actual event in DC, but that could not happen this year.

1. West Point Marathon Gold
0:56:23 0:57:50 0:57:50 1:00:29 = 3:52:32
Zachary Gould M, Kyle Stacks M, Garrett Burnett M, Chase Hogeboom M

2. West Point Marathon Black
0:55:54 0:59:15 1:01:16 1:09:12 = 4:05:37
Dashiell Rogers M, Alexander Block M, Jake Pinuelas M, Haley Seaward F

3. Flying Gophers
1:02:58 1:03:02 1:04:30 1:04:43 = 4:15:13
Evan Wigham M, Alexander Baum M, Reed Smith M, Matthew Lindell M

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