Multi-Disciplinary SPEAR-HRT Static Fire TestThe multi-disciplinary Space Engineering and Applied Research-Hypersonic Rocket Team (SPEAR-HRT) conducted a static fire test of their second stage solid rocket at Range 12 last week. The project is a combined effort which includes cadets and faculty advisors from Physics and Nuclear Engineering (PaNE), Civil and Mechanical Engineering (CME), Chemistry & Life Science (C&LS), and Geography and Environmental Engineering (GEnE).

The project goal is to reach the Kármán line, 100 km altitude, in March 2021. This test was an important step in validating several design items that cadets have been working on this semester. The rocket and ignition chamber designs and overall program management are the main efforts for a CME capstone course. The manufacture and testing of the chemicals used for the rocket ignition are a PaNE sponsored independent research activity with cadets from PaNE, CLS, and GEnE. The team also conducted the Critical Design Review, briefing their sponsors the Office of Naval Research and Space and Missile Defense Command.

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