Jeff Monken Press Conference: Air ForceArmy West Point football head coach Jeff Monken met virtually with members of the local media on Tuesday afternoon for his weekly press conference inside Nowak Auditorium.

The Commander-in-Chief's Trophy will be on the line this at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 19 at Michie Stadium when the Black Knights take on service academy foe Air Force. The game will be televised on CBS Sports Network.

Army West Point Football Head Coach Jeff Monken
(Ref.: Opening statement)
“It was certainly a great win on Saturday. It was an exciting game and really just a physical and hard-fought game. I thought our guys played particularly well on defense. The goal-line stand was the turning point of the game. What really turned there was field position. They obviously gained a lot of field position to get it down there to the six-inch line and we couldn't get a first down and we had to punt. There were actually four punts that exchanged hands, but finally we were able to flip the field position back down to the other end and it made a huge difference. It made it more difficult for them to go the distance without a big chunk play like they had with the quarterback on the 52-yard run. We were very fortunate to get that stop. Our guys played really hard and it was just a determined effort there. I think there was a great determination all game to try to get the victory. Obviously, we have a lot of guys on our team that experienced that loss a year ago and it hurts to lose in that game. They got the best of us a year ago, so it was nice to be able to come out victorious. Obviously, a little bit different having another game to decide the CIC after the Army-Navy Game. I think around here we've played games after the Army-Navy Game well in our history, but never a CIC game after the Army-Navy Game. It makes it different and forces us to refocus our efforts this week and get ready for a huge football game here at Michie Stadium this weekend.”

(Ref.: On the challenge of moving past the Navy game to prepare for Air Force)
“I think our players were very conscious of the fact that, even very soon after that game on Saturday night, that we have another game that we were going to have to get ready for and regroup. I think they have really had a good attitude about it. We had a good workout the next day and were able to put the whole thing behind us for right now and focus on this next ballgame. We are going to face a good team that we are going to have to play very well against to have a chance to win.”

(Ref.: On what it means to have the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy on the line)
“It's a source of pride for everybody that plays for it. I'm certain of that. All three schools that play for it covet that trophy. It's the most important goal that we have as a program and I'm sure that is shared by our counterparts. It's a big game and we're excited for this opportunity to play. We didn't know that as the season went along if we were going to have a chance to do that. We're fortunate to be here and excited that we'll have an opportunity to compete for it.” Read more.

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