Chef Andrés 2021 Zengerle Family LectureThe Department of English and Philosophy and the West Point Humanities Center welcomed Chef José Andrés as the invited guest speaker for the 2021 Zengerle Family Lecture in the Arts and Humanities last week. Chef Andrés presented remarks entitled “Finding Your Fire: Lessons from a Food First Responder,” followed by a moderated discussion and Q&A with cadets from West Point - The U.S. Military Academy and students from The Culinary Institute of America. This talk supports West Point’s Year of Ethical Leadership in a Diverse World by asking its audience to think deeply about the role of food security and scarcity in peacebuilding and in developing policies to support justice, equity, and social development. In Chef Andrés’s words, food “is a powerful tool to heal communities in times and crisis and beyond.” The interdisciplinary nature of Chef Andrés’s remarks also invites us to continue reflecting on the link between “the humanities” and “the humanitarian.” Video.

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