Featured Upcoming Projects Day TeamsTeam Magic Model – cadets are working to improve structural model technology to enable a deeper understanding of performance-based design of reinforced concrete structures to resist explosive blast loading. Team War – is optimizing warehouse operations at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant through a parallel design of process and robots to transport materials between production facilities. The Warehouse Autonomous Robots (WAR) will take the Army’s Ammunition facilities into the future. The Mortar Auto Cross Level Team is designing and building a cross-level adjustment for the 81mm mortar to reduce soldier workload, improve accuracy and reduce aiming setup time – Steel on Target! Team Defender, a finalist it the DEVCOM WISE Challenge, is designing and testing the next generation of underbody armor to protect soldiers in combat missions. The final design leveraged 3D additive manufacturing and will be printed and tested at the Army Research Lab in Aberdeen, Maryland. Click here for more information and to view Projects Day Showcase.

Photo: The Mortar Auto Cross Level Team

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