Featured Upcoming Projects Day TeamsTeam Magic Model cadets are working to improve structural model technology to enable a deeper understanding of performance-based design of reinforced concrete structures to resist explosive blast loading. Team Spark is designing and testing an innovative power supply system for combat soldiers that is user-friendly, efficient, safe, and lightweight. Fire Team 6.8 is conducting state-of-the-art research for the next generation of Army weapon systems the cadets are looking to improve the heat dissipation to increase barrel longevity and eliminate redundant barrels. Resiliency Team West Point – Is tackling the question: How can we engineer a better way to increase energy and water resiliency across our Army installations? Team Contaminant Analysis Group is researching and analyzing innovative techniques to study the release of contaminants in an urban building using magnetic resonance velocimetry and magnetic resonance concentration.

Team Medusa Botfly is researching the use of the Medusa Botfly in remote and austere environments. The concept is that soldiers will manufacture, assemble, and deploy these systems through the use of inexpensive, common components, and 3D printing. Team SMP Ballistics is developing novel materials for live shoot-house ammunition for the next generation of squad weapons. Team Bird's Eye Bullseye is designing, building, and testing a system capable of observing long range direct-fire weapons in order provide more effective and efficient targeting information. Steel on Target team, Transportable Equipment Models and Targets: are designing and building full-scale transportable models which can be easily deployed and create a target-rich environment to prepare soldiers for combat. Click here for more information and to view Projects Day Showcase.

Photo: Team Transportable Equipment Models and Targets

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