R-Day for the Class of 2025This past weekend, 'New Cadet Candidates' started reporting to West Point to enter the United States Military Academy. Over the past few days from June 26 - 28, 2021, about 1,225 candidates began transitioning from a civilian to 'New Cadet' for the Class of 2025.

After having about 90 seconds to goodbye to their families, the 'New Cadet Candidates' will start a six-week Cadet Basic Training program to learn the basic skills of a soldier.

“These young patriots are coming here to devote themselves to becoming custodians of Duty, Honor, Country, and our United States Constitution. Their robust performances in academics, athletics, leadership in a persistent COVID-19 environment show they have the necessary foundation for successful completion of a challenging 47-month West Point experience. They represent our nation’s promise of the future.” - Director of Admissions COL Deborah McDonald Class of 1985. Photos.

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