CDT Johantges ’22 Collaborates with CABCS at Tufts

This summer, Adam Johantges (a GIS Major and Space Science Minor) collaborated with the Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences (CABCS) at Tufts University. For the last two years, Adam taught himself how to integrate satellite images from cloud point data systems into a RIDE, a mixed reality development system that turns satellite images into immersive map experiences. The research team at CABCS develops virtual training simulations using immersive technology to create battle scenarios that test soldiers’ skills in highly intensive environments. The CABCS lab recruited Adam to improve their simulations, and Adam was thrilled at the opportunity to apply his self-taught techniques. In two days of work, Adam created data analysis maps that a team of senior researchers had struggled for two years to resolve. Dr. Aaron Gardony, the lead scientist on the project, described Adam as bringing a “level of enthusiasm to this work that has re-kindled my love for virtual reality.”

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