USMA 2024 Cadets Culminate CFTAfter receiving weeks of instruction on the basics of strategy and warfare, Cadet Field Training finally culminated with the Class of 2024 cadets performing numerous military procedures during the Field Training Exercise event between June 19-23 at Camp Buckner. The cadets applied everything they learned during CFT to perform various exercises such as react to contact, squad assault, squad defense, multiple forms of tactical training and nighttime patrolling, among other training events.

With the combination of pouring rain, lugging 40 pounds of gear, and executing missions designed to emulate real-life combat scenarios, the cadets came away from the experience more resolute.

Class of 2024 Cadet Ethan Fuhrman thoroughly enjoyed his training experience despite the onerous obstacles that came with it. The mental and physical challenges of the FTX made him stronger and more mentally equipped to deal with future challenges that may seem difficult at first glance, he said.

“The training was enjoyable — I like my squads, and it’s nice to spend more time with them. The people around me definitely made the experience better because last night (while performing nighttime exercises), we were really cold and we were all wet from the rain,” Fuhrman said. “We got rained on a lot more than we expected to, so dealing with wet clothes while performing these tactical maneuvers made it more complex for me. The weather played a psychological role in executing the mission.”

Regardless of the hardships the training presented, Fuhrman still enjoyed most of the exercises he performed, most notably, the nighttime operations. Read more.

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