Cadet Cadre Learn to Lead from the Front During CBT

Cadet Cadre Learn to Lead from the Front During CBTWhat does it take to feel steadfast in knowing you are ready to lead young Soldiers? For Class of 2022 Cadets Quinton Marmo and Jack Brown, the answer lies in the energetic and regimented atmosphere of Cadet Basic Training (Beast Barracks). 

With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing the two cadets from doing any training leadership details during last year’s Cadet Summer Training, this summer the duo were given the opportunity to serve as platoon leaders for the new cadets during CBT detail I between June 26-July 18 at Camp Buckner.

It’s been over two weeks since “Beast” began, with Brown and Marmo receiving what they consider a first-class education on effectively and adequately leading subordinates. 

“I’d say, for the most part, it’s gone pretty smoothly. We have really capable and competent squad leaders like the juniors (Cows) here who help us out with everything. So, we definitely don’t do everything on our own. It takes a collaborative effort to make this happen,” Brown said. “We’re also trying to do things a little bit differently than they were done when we went through “Beast” three years ago.”

One of the primary objectives for the duo was to evolve the training environment to a better, more refined military milieu. 

Essentially, it is not about belittling or berating new cadets when they do something wrong. Brown added that there have to be realistic expectations set to lead the cadets properly. In attempting to do anything of worth and merit, a cadet is bound to make mistakes in the process, and an effective leader needs to bear that in mind. Read more.

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