Cadet Leader Development Training (CLDT) is in Full Swing!

Cadet Leader Development Training (CLDT) is in Full Swing!The Leadership Training Program (LTP) begins one week before trainees arrive and is designed to prepare the cadre for the rest of the detail. During the week, cadre set up the tactical operations center, conduct drivers training, draw gear from the Logistics Readiness Center and coordinate with the task force to make Class I delivery schedules, and ensure the lanes are ready and validated prior to the field training exercise.

During Reception, Staging, Onward-Movement, and Integration (RSOI), trainees arrive from their previous detail are received by the cadre. After checking in and being accounted for, they board transportation to Camp Buckner and are issued a weapon and a bunk before settling in for the night.

During Warrior Week and Cold Load training trainees review their basic warrior tasks and drills within their platoons in preparation for the upcoming 10-day field training exercise. Skills put to test include battle drills, weapon disassembly and cleaning, operation order planning and briefs, and patrol base operations. During Cold Load training, cadets do dry runs boarding and unloading from Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters to prepare for upcoming Air Assault operations in the field.

During a Situational Training Exercise (STX), platoons conduct Air Assault operations and a road march to their area of operations. Along the way, platoon mentors introduce various hazards such as direct and indirect fires to probe their platoon’s ability to react and respond to contact. Platoons spend the night in the field conducting patrol base operations and lanes before marching back the following day.

Photo: Cadet Marco Copat ’22

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