Our Military Rotators Non-Stop MentoringMAJs Alex Saul and Simmer Singh, ‘10 classmates from the same congressional district who deployed to Afghanistan together in 2012 and teach Economics together in the Department of Social Sciences, served as co-platoon mentors for CLDT.

Here is what they have to say about the experience: “CLDT was an awesome chance to recapture that feeling of being down with Soldiers in a platoon. As Platoon Mentors, we spent weeks training up for and executing the final FTX with cadets from all over the Corps. Seeing how much they had to learn really helped me step back and appreciate how much we have grown since being cadets. It was incredibly rewarding to see how the platoon grew in their leadership abilities and confidence in both planning and decision-making under pressure. Some favorite moments were the small conversations in between the action just talking about anything from tactics, leadership, academics, or just life.”

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