On Point Podcast Interview with John Robb '91 Episode 4 of the On Point podcast is live! On Point is an interview-based podcast  hosted by Eddie Kang '08, Founder of the Old Grad Club. On this podcast, Eddie talks to veteran business leaders who are captains of industry and pioneers in their field. In each episode, they share the leadership strategies that got them where they are today, what they are working on now, and where they think the future is headed. Our goal is to bring you actionable insights that you can bring to your own career to improve your performance and increase your impact.

New episodes are released every Wednesday. Episode 4 is with John Robb '91, Founder and Managing Director of The Stone Creek Group. Prior to Stone Creek, John was a Senior Vice President & Managing Director with Bernstein Global Wealth Management. John is the former chair of the Investment Committee for the West Point Association of Graduates and has served on the Committee since 2004.

On this episode, John unpacks his investing methodology across the various funds and organizations he’s managed capital for. It was fascinating to hear how his experience working with West Point AOG helped shape his vision for creating his own firm.

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