Q&A with Football’s Cedrick Cunningham Jr.Q: Why did you decide to attend West Point?

CC: I decided to attend West Point because of the opportunity to serve. I believe that this opportunity is second to none and I’ve always had an interest in other people and their well-being, so coming here was an easy choice. I also believe that the opportunity to be a part of this team and play for this program is so special.

Q: Aside from football, what’s been your favorite part of West Point?

CC: Definitely the people that I’ve met. That goes across a bunch of different areas. From instructors to TAC officers, to other Cadets, these are the best people I’ve ever been around. The memories that I’ve created with them are things I hold close to my heart.

Q: What does it mean to you to be named captain of this team?

CC: It’s very humbling and such an honor. To be selected by my peers as a leader and to essentially be a face for this program is really special. Especially since I didn’t see myself as a leader at times. For them to put their trust in me means a lot. Read more.

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