Here is a little update:

As you know, we lost Brian "Cobe" Locke of E2 and the Infantry last week. I spoke to Susan Locke, conveyed our class's condolences and told her of the high esteem, love and respect of the class of 1970 for Brian.

She was very glad to hear that, and was also glad to know that Donna Jackson would be contacting her.

We are now 652 present for duty, 98 Fiddler's Green. See

I heard from Susan Brown yesterday, this nice note: "Thanks so much for all the amazing thoughts and prayers for David and me.

He is turning the corner and hopefully leaving hospital this week for a “short stay in rehab“

We are so appreciative of all your good wishes

Thanks to the special class of 70

Susan Brown"

I also spoke with @Steve Strom (wife Gayle G Strom) this morning. He is undergoing both chemo and dialysis at the same time---quite a battle. As you would expect, he is tough and enduring, just barely staying ahead of the pain with Tylenol---that's all they can do---and is in a strong frame of mind and sends greetings to all the Brothers. He is not worried about himself, but mainly about his beautiful Gayle, who is slugging it out right beside him, like Susan Brown and Susan Locke.

He's a good soldier and has always been.

All three of the people mentioned above stated their gratitude for our prayers. I ask those so inclined to pray for our Brothers and Sisters.

As we go along here, and our morning report declines, I believe with everything I have that we must stick together, keep our chins up and have as good a time as we possibly can.

We've always been pretty good at those three things.

God bless us and keep us and save us from harm.

Love to all,

Serve With Integrity,

Beat Navy


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