Army Fly Fishing Beats Navy!The Cadet Fly Fishing Club had four participants in the first ever Army Navy fly fishing competition on October 30 on the South Branch of the Raritan River in New Jersey. The event was organized by Trout Unlimited Service Partnership. Hope Bedford, Matthew Donze, Kyle Hamrock, and Kelly Kruger were the Army team. The morning fishing was to determine who would fish in the afternoon final competition. Total inches of fish caught was the scoring technique. While Navy had a 58" to 55" advantage in the morning, Kruger was top scorer of all with 43". He and Donze advanced to the final competition. The 2-hour competition started very slow for Army. With 15 minutes left, Navy was ahead 55" to 13". Donze and Kruger each caught multiple fish in the final minutes to secure a 65" to 55" victory.

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