Gil Harper SENDS: 

On behalf of our Class President and the Class Officers, I am proud to announce the Serve With Integrity Award has been approved for the classmates listed below in recognition of their exceptional service to the Nation, the Military, West Point, or the Class of 1970. Each of these individuals personify and embody the traits of character inherent in the mottos of “Duty, Honor, Country” and “Serve with Integrity” and foster and exemplify the Seven Army Values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage) through military, civilian, or community service.

Earl Albright (C-1) for exceptional service to the Class as our Class Historian and faithful scribe for 25 years. Earl’s monthly “Class Notes” kept us connected in a very special and personal way — creating Class unity and spirit. Much of this was accomplished while Earl was still serving on active duty. 

Jim Crawford (I-2) for exceptional service to our Academy and our Class through his distinguished military career and as the founder, architect, and administrator of the Class of 1970 Golf Tour for 28 years. In addition to building camaraderie and Class spirit, Jim's "mulligans" contributed over $200,000 to the Class of 1970 Fund.

Frank Monaco (B-4) for exceptional service to our Class as our Class Information Officer for nearly 30 years. Frank’s expertise and tireless dedication kept our Class informed of every significant issue and initiative, much of the time while he was still serving on active duty. Frank also served as co-chair of our 40th reunion and co-chair and chair of our 45th reunion.

Joe Reeder (E-1) for exceptional service to our military as Under-Secretary of the Army and to our Class for something dear to every heart in grey — beating the heck out of Navy. For 37 years Joe and his wonderful wife Kate have hosted GO ARMY/Beat Navy rallies at their home. Hundreds of our classmates have attended these spirited events — which are always filled with song and cheer. Joe brought us together every year in a very special and truly memorable way.

Steve Strom (A-2) for exceptional service to our Class as Class Chief Giving Officer beginning in 2016. Steve’s signature accomplishment was leading our 50 Year Reunion Gift Campaign which well exceeded both the financial target and the Class participation rate. As a result of this outstanding success, the Class gift of the Cyber Conference was fully funded as was the MacArthur Cup.

Bill Taylor (A-4) for exceptional service to West Point and the Class of 1970. His outstanding contributions include Class Fund-Raising Chairman; founder of the West Point Society of Annapolis, Maryland; 27 years of service to the WPAOG; and founder of Virtual West Point, Inc. 

The Happy Daze (Larry Henderson, Tom Maertens, Tom Dueker, Mike Glawe, Joe Henn, Vic Ross, Lanny White, and Bob Walker) for exceptional service as the Class Band. The Happy Daze motivated, thrilled, and consoled the Class throughout our cadet years and on through our reunions and other class gatherings. 

Each individual will be honored on the Class 1970 website and Sallyport. Additionally each will receive a Class of 1970 Serve with Integrity Coin.


If you have a classmate whom you believe meets the criteria of the Class of 1970 Serve with Integrity Award, please nominate him to your Regimental Rep: 

  • 1st Bill Knowlton 

  • 2nd Steve Cook 

  • 3rd Bill Addy 

  • 4th Bob Opatovsky

SWI, Gil 

Chair, Special Operations Committee

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