Oldest Colorado Local Grad Turns 100The West Point Society of the Pikes Peak Region had a very successful watch party for the Army Navy game. Although, Colonel Noel Austin ’44 no longer leaves the house and could not join the group, during halftime the group of almost 90 grads and guests toasted Colonel Austin and his remarkable legacy. They provided a video clip of the toast and pictures to his daughter Jackie, very much appreciated by the Colonel. Noel Austin graduated from High School in Minnesota in 1938, enlisted in the Army in 1940 and served in Honolulu where he studied for and passed the entrance exam for USMA. He entered in the summer of 1941 and was a cadet when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He graduated 15th in his class in only three years and entered the US Army Air Corps. He retired as a U.S. Air Force Colonel in 1974. Hearty Congratulations to Colonel Austin and his family upon this amazing milestone!

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