MISSION: The WPSDC serves West Point and the Long Gray Line in the National Capital Region to promote the ideals and mission of the USMA and to support the Academy and its graduates, cadets, former cadets, and their families throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.

VISION: Members of the WPSDC are the most highly connected and engaged alumni body in the world.


Although we are a primarily volunteer organization, we conduct business to the highest quality. We do not take shortcuts for the sake of convenience or expedience. We adhere to best business practices of non-profit organizations.

We value the time and contributions of our members. Thus, the activities that we arrange and sponsor must provide obvious benefit and return on investment to the organization and its Graduates.

The conduct of our activities must pass the muster of the “Washington Post” test, particularly with respect to ethics. We must be proactive in informing our local Graduates about the conduct of WPSDC business to retain legitimacy and gain support from our members.

Others derive our intent through our actions and our words. At all turns, we must strive to deliver clear, timely, and cohesive messages both internally and externally, and verify comprehension.

Our Graduates come from many different generations, ethnicities, genders, and circumstances. We welcome the contributions of a diverse leadership team and active membership through a regular infusion of new talent and perspective that integrates into a solid organizational foundation that provides continuity. Through conscious and careful selection across a spectrum of Graduates, we can avoid the entrenchment and stagnation of the routine that serves only narrow and outdated interests.

Through our activities and philanthropic gifts, we act on the behalf of in dividuals and groups beyond our personal interest and the interests of our immediate leadership circle.

Meaningful connection with others through the common bond of the USMA perpetuates and prolongs the Long Gray Line. Through our activities and relationships, we foster this mutual support.

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