Posting Instructions

The Job Board can be used to publish a job opportunity or to indicate the type job you are seeking.

1. Go to the Job Board tab and click on + Publish your opportunity.

2. On the screen that opens click in the Type of opportunity box.

3. Click on the Type of contract box and select they type of contract from the drop down list.

4. Complete the remaining boxes as appropriate.  Boxes marked with an asterisk must be completed.  Others may be left blank.  Provide a description of the job offered or being sought in the Description & attachment box.

5. You may upload a file (complete job description or resume) and provide a link to a form for submitting a job application or to your LinkedIn page (for job seekers).  Recommend you provide a Contact email so an interested party can contact you.

6. IMPORTANT - When you are satisfied you have correctly completed the form, scroll to the top of the page and click on the Save button.  Your posting will not be saved if you do not click on the Save button.

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