WPSDC 2016 Strategic Plan


The mission of the West Point Society of DC and the National Capital Region (WPSDC), a non- profit 501(c)(7) organization, is to promote the ideals and mission of the US Military Academy (USMA, West Point), and to support and serve the Academy and its graduates, cadets, former cadets, and their families throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area (hereafter referred to as the National Capital Region).


To demonstrate the value of the West Point Society of DC and the National Capital Region to both permanent resident and transient West Point graduates in the region.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

1.    Governance/Strategic Planning. Develop and maintain the strong organization, Board governance, and strategic planning necessary to support accomplishment of the Society’s mission and vision.
a)    Maintain effective governance tools: By-laws, constitution, and 501(c)(7) and 501(c)(3) reporting
b)    Maintain an active Executive Committee to oversee the corporate functions of the Society above the Board of Governors and the program/project committee level in order to leverage these functions across all Society activities.
c)    Update Society Strategic Plan every 5 years.
d)    Hold quarterly Society Board of Governors (BoG) meetings to conduct key Society business, to include the election of board members and officers.
e)    Encourage all Board members to build depth in their respective committees and maintain at least one prospective replacement volunteer to maintain continuity in the event of emergency, job relocation, or other similar circumstances where the Committee Chair is unable to continue their duties.
f)    Reevaluate programs and projects periodically to determine which remain effective in supporting Society members and which should be revised or terminated.
g)    Approve new Society functions and programs, provided that it is consistent with the WPSDC mission and a Society member has stepped forward to lead the activity.
h)    Select members to attend the annual WPAOG Alumni Leadership Conference. Provide limited financial support to those designated as official representatives of the WPSDC.
i)    Monitor Distinguished Society Award criteria to ensure the WPSDC is meeting the minimum standards.

2.    Membership. Ensure an enthusiastic, cohesive and growing membership of USMA graduates throughout the National Capital Region dedicated to the ideals embodied in West Point’s motto, “Duty, Honor, Country”.
a)    Maintain membership rosters
b)    Grow membership by 10% a year
c)    Analyze membership demographics and characteristics to enhance Society activities
d)    In coordination with the Development Committee, publicize the benefits of membership to prospective members
e)    Provide membership opportunities at Society events

3.    Finance: Manage the financial resources necessary to support the Society’s mission and vision; support fundraising efforts; and make charitable donations, as appropriate, consistent with the ideals and mission of West Point.
a)    Develop an annual budget for approval by the Board of Governors
b)    Maintain Society bank accounts and financial records, including the annual IRS Form 990
c)    Manage and maintain the West Point Society of DC Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, to facilitate donations to Cadet activities
d)    Develop a process and guidelines for fiscally responsible charitable donations
e)    Maintain a prioritized list of deserving recipients of Society donations consistent with the Society’s mission

4.    Development. Support the WPSDC mission and vision through fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.
a)    Propose annual fundraising goals for the Society
b)    Develop processes and guidelines for ethical and appropriate WPSDC fundraising efforts
c)    Publicize the benefits of sponsorship to prospective sponsors

5.    Programs and Events. Foster camaraderie and provide support for Academy Graduates and Cadets in the National Capital Region by conducting programs and events that promote the ideals of West Point and support WPSDC fundraising and organizational efforts.
a)    Provide career advisory services and networking services to support Graduates as they transition from military to civilian careers
b)    Sponsor an annual Founders Day Dinner
c)    Sponsor quarterly luncheons to provide a forum for fellowship, networking, and information of interest to members
d)    Host regular social events for members and families (e.g., sporting events, happy hours, golf tournaments)
e)    Support Cadets by:
1.    Supporting Army Athletic events in the National Capital Region
2.    Supporting Cadet clubs and activities in the National Capital Region
f)    Support WPAOG with an annual Leaders Conference

6.    Publicity and Communications. Ensure the activities and accomplishments of the Society are effectively communicated to Society members, friends of West Point, and the public.
a)    Maximize utilization of email, website, and social media tools to facilitate effective, efficient, timely, and synchronized information flow to our constituents
b)    Develop and maintain a publicity protocol to ensure consistent messaging and priority of WPSDC-sponsored events

7.    Cadet Candidate Recruiting. Enhance the USMA admissions process by aggressively supporting recruitment of highly qualified and diverse men and women to USMA.
a)    Support local recruiting efforts of USMA Admissions and the local Field Force MALOs by
1.    Publicizing Admissions events in the local area through WPSDC communications channels
2.    Assistance in coordination of Field Force events (e.g., at Founders Day)

6.    Organizational Relations and Partnerships. Establish and maintain strong working relationships with organizations supporting the ideals of West Point including the West Point Association of Graduates, the West Point Parents Club, the Alumni Glee Club, other West Point societies, and military/non-military associations as consistent with the WPSDC mission and vision.
a)    Support the above organizations as appropriate with resources approved by the BoG

6.    Community Relations and Outreach. Reach out to underserved and underprivileged groups in the National Capital Region to improve their opportunities to succeed and their quality of life.
a)    Increase and enhance community awareness of USMA and its mission
b)    Serve as a role model of “Duty, Honor, Country” in local communities
c)    Sponsor events (such as LEADS workshops) to support USMA diversity efforts

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